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Benefits of ALMI Treatment

ALMI Treatment

As we get older we lose structural support in our face, volume and plumpness is depleted, and collagen production is significantly reduced. All of the elements combined cause us to look aged by making wrinkles appear pronounced. Fortunately the ALMI treatment helps reduce the hollows in the under-eye region, corrects the appearance of indentations and scars, decreases forehead creases, defines jawline and overall contours your face for a beautifully balanced appearance.

Until recently, the only way to alleviate these concerns have been surgical face lifts, synthetics, and chemicals. However, advancements in dermatology care have led to the development of the ALMI treatment. The ALMI treatment (Autologous Lipocyte Micronized Injection) is a non-surgical face lift that utilizes your own naturally produced stem cells and fillers to rejuvenate your appearance. It will restore lost volume as well as reduce wrinkles giving you the youthful appearance you desire. This treatment is completely natural, producing natural looking results. You don’t need to worry about having “frozen expressions” as other types of synthetic fillers may cause.

The ALMI treatment uses your own fat tissue that is typically taken from the abdomen or thigh area. The fat is then mechanically processed and inserted into injections that can be administered into the target area. The procedure typically takes 45 minutes to an hour with little to no downtime. Since the injections are not synthetic, and instead tissue from your own body, there is very minimal chance for potential allergic reactions. This is optimal for most patients because they don’t need to take time off of work and can resume their normal everyday activities.

The results are immediately apparent and can last up to a year and a half because fat transfers typically have a longer lifespan. This treatment is ideal for patients that are seeking natural ways to combat the aging process. The ALMI treatment can also be very beneficial to treat other areas of the body such as the hands; it can help with wrinkles, texture, tone, elasticity, and sun spots. It is an all around effective treatment that is revolutionizing the way we fight and restore the signs of aging. This innovative new treatment has the potential to regenerate and repair skin tissue. There is no longer a need to inject foreign substances into your body. The ALMI treatment is an excellent option for those that are seeing early signs of aging. It is long lasting and effective and many patients are opting for a natural way to rejuvenate their face to achieve beautiful looking skin.


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