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How Skin Changes In The Fall & What To Do

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Your summer skin and fall skin will look and feel differently, as the seasons change so should your skin care routine. The weather has a direct effect on our skin whether we like it or not. Everyone has a different skin type; however, everyone can benefit from altering their summer skin care routine to a routine more suited for fall weather. Below are several tips that can help repair sun damaged skin from the summer and will prepare your skin for the colder months that lie ahead.

The first thing you want to do is to increase your antioxidant intake. Antioxidants will help neutralize your skins appearance. Antioxidants have a plethora of benefits that range from correcting signs of age, helping prevent sunburns, helping the skin repair itself, and brightening skin tone. Antioxidants also help with skin brightening because they fight against abnormal skin pigmentations. Antioxidants like Vitamin C help stimulate collagen production which is what helps our skin look youthful and refreshed.

Next, you want to switch to extremely hydrating but gentle skin products. It is essential to switch to hydrating products during the fall because the weather tends to be colder. Hydrating skin care products will make your skin less itchy and give your skin a balanced even tone that isn’t red or blotchy. Also, cold weather makes the skin crack therefore hydrating lotions and serums can help alleviate any rashes or tears the weather may cause.

As relaxing and tempting it is to take hot baths, reduce your bath time for the sake of your skin. Soaking in a hot bath for an extended period will dry out your skin. If you are in deep need for a bath, make sure to keep the water lukewarm. Once you have dried yourself off, lather your skin with moisturizer from top to bottom. Your skin will absorb the product into your pores therefore preventing your skin from becoming dry.

During the fall, your skin can benefit from a chemical peel. If you’ve been thinking of getting a skin care treatment but are unsure on which one, we recommend a chemical peel to help exfoliate the skin. Also, if your skin is looking a little dull, a chemical peel will help improve the skin’s color, tone, and texture. It a great treatment to help get rid of breakouts and smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles. If a chemical peel isn’t in your budget, try exfoliating consistently to give your skin that bright natural glow you desire. Exfoliating twice a week during colder months will get rid of dead skin cells.


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